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Skin Cancer Facts is a web portal entirely dedicated to skin health and skin cancer. We have plenty of useful information about skin conditions and symptoms, as well as a phone line through which you can ask us any question of your concern. Only the best doctors and specialists are behind Skin Cancer Facts, so you can be sure that all information and advice found here is 100% accurate and useful.

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Are you worried about some spots, moles or blemished that are looking suspicious on your skin? You should get a professional opinion as soon as possible! In the best of cases, it is a false alarm and you should know it for your peace of mind. In the worst of scenarios, knowing your diagnosis as soon as possible will be of vital importance to proceed with a successful treatment!

However, it isn’t easy to get an appointment with a dermathologist. Their schedules are always too busy and you can rarely get to see one until many days later. Also, these consultations are very expensive! 

Now, we offer a revolutionary change in medicine by presenting our online checking service. You will get a professional response in less than 24 hours and you will know what to do. Just follow these simple steps!

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Take a Picture


Describe your symptoms 

Get a Response


If you have some feature in your skin that makes you suspicious, we need to see it in order to figure out whether or not it could be dangerous for you. Therefore, we must see a photo of it.

You must take a good photography of your blemish or mole. Make sure that the photo has enough resolution for us to see with good detail, and also check that you have enough light.

Take more than one photography if necesary.


Use our contact form to describe exactly what you feel. Does your skin ache? Does it itch? Does it burn?

Be as descriptive and exhaustive as possible. We can’t see you face to face, so you have to provide as much information as you can. The trick is: when in doubt, write it down.

If you have lately experienced some symptoms that don’t seem related to your skin changes, describe them anyway. Some conditions can manifest in other aspects of your biology.

Send us your description of your symptoms and, of course, don’t forget to attatch the photo(s) of the skin feature of your concern. 


 Our dermatologists will evaluate the photography that you took and the symptoms that you described. This process usually takes a short time, so in 24 hours or less you will have a response.

If you need further medical attention or should take specific tests, our team will explain to you which ones are and which specialist you should visit.

The opinion of our team is backed by years of professional career and combined experienced, so you can rest asure that their responses will help you with your concerns.



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