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This site is designed to be a concise but informative source for information on skin cancer.
Remember to bookmark this page! The site is broken down into the following sections:

The Facts - All the facts about Skin Cancer
Basal Cell Cancer
Squamous Cell Cancer
Malignant Melanoma
   The Treatment for Malignant Melanoma
How To Protect Yourself
Where To Get Help
F.A.Q. On Suncare - Top dermatologists give the answers to your questions
The Rise Of The Sun Tan - Why is being brown so fashionable?
Discussion / Forum Board - Read or leave messages
Skin Cancer Book Shop - Buy recommended books online
True Life Story - Cornelia Dobb tells her true life story
My Story - Why I created this web site
Links - A list of other Skin Cancer web sites
Play Our Sliding Sun Puzzle Game
Reference Information - For students/researchers wanting reference info for this web site

I have taken every effort to ensure that the information contained on this web site is accurate,
but cannot be held liable for this information. Any reliance on the information is solely at the user's own risk.

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